America is full of great opportunities, but you will need a support system and a successful strategy to maximize yours.

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Success Stories

We, my husband and I, paid off all our debt in 35 months and began investing heavily. Using myEcon’s strategies and Business Income System we have cashflowed over a million dollars and positioned ourselves for a fantastic retirement.

myEcon has been a tremendous blessing to our family. We have used every aspect of myEcon’s System; Business Income, tax savings strategies, debt elimination, minimizing expenses and investing. The results are wonderful, over seven figures in cashflow and still counting.

My wife and I eliminated over $100,000 of debt in our first 18 months in myEcon, which freed up over $2400 monthly. Extra part time income from the business and the $2400 monthly, formerly used to pay debt, enabled us to become major investors and put us on the road to financial success.

I joined myEcon to supplement my retirement. To my surprise, after a couple of years, my residual income was 5 figures and easily provides a comfortable retirement. However, my biggest surprise came in 2013 when I was unable to work my business because I had a kidney transplant. My residual income increased 11% while I was unable to work.

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